La CASA offers a wide variety of services ranging from the use of our facilities, to academic support. Many of the student organizations hold weekly meetings in the center as well as events. Thanks to alumni support we have also been able to provide limited free printing to students. The center has been described as a home away from home.

As a resource and referral center, La CASA works with students as individuals and through student groups and organizations. A variety of activities have been organized to meet the general needs of students. La CASA is also available should a student need individual services.

La CASA also works with 25+ Chicanx/Latinx student organizations. Please visit Student Organizations for descriptions and contact information.


Students who find themselves in unfamiliar situations can contact La CASA for information on services found throughout the university; including academic advising, leadership development, counseling, and health attention.


La CASA is an advocate for students in addressing students’ needs and issues throughout the campus. Latinx students should feel comfortable in requesting advocate assistance. La CASA will advise student(s) on possible options, resolutions and may contact appropriate departments as deemed necessary.