Empowerment Programs

Black and Latinx New Student Symposium

    • Provides an opportunity for new Black and Latinx students to meet another in a social setting.
    • Identifies possible points of contact within faculty, staff and student leadership to support student growth.
    • Introduces various USC resources for student success








Power Pan Dulce Speaker Series

    • Centers on the essential question of “how do students utilize cultural community resources to learn about themselves, their history and their future?”
    • Bring together influential alum and other Latinx community partners with our students to provide mentoring and examples of career options post-graduation to motivate students toward retention and graduation.

Spring Latinx Student Empowerment Conference: Research & Practice

    • Focuses on developing the research capacity of Latinx students among disciplines throughout the University by providing a formal, yet supportive setting to present one’s research.
    • Because it is developed with student feedback, it serves as a mid-year reflection point to meet the needs of the current student population.
    • The use of keynote speakers serves as an additional point of making connections with influential Latinx members of the USC community and beyond.

Undergraduate Mentor Program (UMP)

    • Provides an opportunity to develop mentoring and support for undergraduate Latinx students from graduate Latinx students that is specifically inclusive of their cultural experiences. Career field interests are prioritized in pairings.

Latinx/Chicanx Graduate Celebration

    • Serves as the culmination event for Latinx/Chicanx students
    • Provides a final opportunity for our community to come together in community with one another and their families to celebrate their accomplishments.