La CASA delivers unique programs that reflect the special needs of students. Some programs have remained instrumental and have become institutionalized. Some programs are specifically structured in order for students to contribute to the progress of the Latinx community.

Black and Latinx New Student Symposium

This program welcomes incoming students to learn about specific campus involvement opportunities and resources to help them achieve success during their first year at USC. This event introduces students to current student leaders and offers workshops aimed at helping them successfully transition from HS/Community College/Universities to USC. Freshmen, transfers, and graduate students are invited to attend.


Empowerment Speaker Series

Bring together influential alum and other Latinx community partners with our students to provide mentoring and examples of career options post-graduation to motivate students toward retention and graduation.





Spring Latinx Student Empowerment Conference: Research & Practice

This conference aims to support the research, academic success, and social justice activism of USC students. It focuses on developing the research capacity of Latinx students among disciplines throughout the University by providing a formal, yet supportive setting to present one’s research.



Latinx/Chicanx Graduate Celebration

Continuing the tradition since its inception in 1980, the Chicanx/Latinx Graduate Celebration takes place the night before USC Commencement. It celebrates graduating students’ personal and academic achievements in the spirit and traditions of our beautiful Latinx culture.