Created in 1974-75, the Latinx Floor residential program is an opportunity offered to first year students looking to connect with other students with similar interests and/or cultural backgrounds. Now both a first and second-year housing option, the goal of the Latinx Floors is to create and promote a positive, supportive atmosphere that eases the transition of Latinx students into USC life and empowers them to become prominent campus leaders. Both the first and second-year floors are open to all students interested in learning more about Latinx culture.

Located in Pardee Tower (first-year) and Century Apartments (second-year), the Latinx Floors provide extensive community service, cultural, academic, and social activities and opportunities throughout the year.

If you would like more information on the floors please contact LA CASA, our RA’s Estevan Gonzales andJocelyn Soria (first-year floor), or Christine Vazquez (second-year floor).