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Welcome home

Created in 1974-75, the Latinx Floor residential program is an opportunity offered to first year students looking to connect with other students with similar interests and/or cultural backgrounds. Now both a first and second-year housing option, the goal of the Latinx Floors is to create and promote a positive, supportive atmosphere that eases the transition of Latinx students into USC life and empowers them to become prominent campus leaders. Both the first and second-year floors are open to all students interested in learning more about Latinx culture.

Your first year experience

Located in Pardee Tower, this eight-floor residence hall is conveniently located near the EVK dining hall, Doheny Library, and is a short walk away from any one of your classes. Each floor has 18 double rooms, a common bathroom, and a laundry facility. Pardee's new lounge, its vast green field, and its great diversity makes it a fantastic choice to start your USC experience.

Your second year dream

Comprised of two large buildings surrounding a central area with a pool and a lawn, Century Apartments offers you the space to grow as a Latinx and as a Trojan. Conveniently located by the Lyons Recreation Center and The Village, these apartments come fully equipped with a kitchen and a common space.

Your Comunidad

Beyond Surviving: Thriving

Here For You

If you would like more information on the floors please contact LA CASA.