The Latino Parent Association (LPA)

Founded in 1982, it is an organization offered by La CASA at USC. The LPA helps guide parents to better understand the issues that directly affect students and Latinx parents of USC. Serving many families over the years, the LPA & La CASA offers activities in which parents participate with the planning and implementation of events. In addition, parents participate in the LPA Symposium presented by La CASA, held once in fall and once in spring where they are informed about the university and student life via panelist from across campus. The LPA has assisted many students and their parents through the process of their education in order to fulfill college dreams.

Unity Tailgate (Trojan Family Weekend) & La Posada

On this day, parents are encouraged to come with their students to the Black & Latinx Unity Tailgate (formerly known as the Latino Family Tailgate), part of USC’s Trojan Family weekend which takes place usually in mid and late October. Students must RSVP family attending, communication will happen via La CASA’s E-newsletter. This is a great opportunity for new USC parents and families to come to campus and get a taste of what the Trojan Family is all about! We do not sell football tickets, but encourage you to purchase yours ahead of time! Also parents and families are encouraged to attend La Posada: Celebrating Latin American Holiday Traditions & Giving Back which is always the first Friday in December. Unity Tailgate: Saturday November 2, 2019 3 1/2 hours before kick-off & La Posada: Friday, December 6, 2019 6pm-9pm at TBA.

Fall & Spring LPA Symposium

The symposiums function as a forum to discuss university and cultural issues by providing support to participating parents. In addition, guest speakers provide information about a variety of programs and services offered by USC and in the surrounding communities. Fall date: October 5, 2019 9am-11am and March 7, 2020 9am-11am.

For more information

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